Bets Gregory

Autism NSW

Autism NSW is based on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia. Autism NSW uses the very effective Davis Autism Approach® Program, to help individuals with Aspergers or Autism.

Autism NSW has successfully helped many autistic individuals to change their lives and become more self-aware, confident, independent people. These autistic individuals and their families are extremely happy with the effect of Davis Autism Approach methods. Changes usually start to occur quickly and continue for years. The Davis Autism Approach® Program can help you or your loved one, overcome the difficulties of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Aspergers in a gentle, supportive manner, without impacting the innate gifts, talents and personality of the autistic individual.

What is the Davis Autism Approach?

The Davis Autism Approach addresses these problem areas:

  • self awareness
  • social interaction
  • communication
  • behaviour and interests

Davis Autism Approach Orientation ToolThe child or adult with characteristics of autism, starts to make more sense of the world around them. The highly structured and carefully sequenced activities, develop the knowledge and understanding that will allow the autistic to participate in life more fully.

The first step is to help the individual become more self aware and so become more ‘present’ and engaged.  In normal development, a child goes through steps of becoming aware of self, identifying that he or she is separate to others. This can be done using a method that is unique to Davis Autism Approach. Once this self awareness happens, changes in behaviour start to occur. This overcomes some of the initial blockages, that can occur in normal development for an autistic person.

autismSubsequently, we move to addressing the next stage in development. A set of life concepts help to bring about steps that occur as part of normal childhood development. For some autistic individuals, there may have been a blockage that occurred to halt this development.

This set of life-concepts is important for predicting and anticipating situations. To ensure all concepts are in place, each concept is  addressed thoroughly in clay and in real life settings.  Each concept can be applied to any area of life. This step helps the autistic individual to make more informed decisions and to understand their consequences. The autistic or Aspergers individual becomes more social and more independent. The goal is to help the individual participate more fully in life, whatever their choices may be.

The final step of the Davis Autism Approach is to work through some relationship concepts. To help the autistic individual make safer, more informed decisions.

The Davis Autism Approach has been used successfully now for many years. Autism NSW has used these methods to help many autistic individuals change and develop.

If you would like to book in for the Davis Autism Approach program in Sydney, or if you would like to discuss in more detail please contact  Autism NSW Facilitator, Bets Gregory by phone on 0466 249 122 or email, to arrange a consultation.